Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Local Media

Since I self-published my first novel titled, "Forgive Us This Day," in November 2004, I've been trying to get the attention of the local media. I've faithfully courted the Capital Outlook, Tallahassee Democrat, and radio personalities to no avail. Recently, however, my latest book titled, "Dancing with Temptation," was mentioned in the Tallahassee Democrat newest book section called, Opening Lines. And I was also interviewed for an upcoming featured article on local romance writers. With that in mind, I must say that in the past, I've heard negative comments about the Democrat as far as racism and therefore, I thought that I would have a better chance of being featured in a newspaper whose primary focus is supposed to be on African-Americans. I figured that I would be greeted with open arms especially since I've been reading their paper for umpteen years. But after almost two years of trying to get their attention, I simply did something that I don't normally do (give up). Anyway, the point that I'm trying to make here is that sometimes our blessings come in the most unlikely places and from the most unexpected people. As a self-published author, I've learned that sometimes it's harder to sell books to your targeted audience than it is to the masses of people. From now on when I'm asked "Who is your target audience?" my reply will be simple, "Anyone who's looking to read a well written contemporary romance novel with spiritual overtones." After all that's what I write, and that's what I'm trying to sell to ANYONE who's interested...

Good points, Barbara. I'm very pleased with what The Democrat is doing. Looking forward to the feature.
That's what every author shold aim toward. Unfortunately, African American authors are often relegated to African American readers only. Why should you have only a small percentage of the marketplace instead of a percentage of all the marketplace? Of course you should court African American readers but lots of readers who are not African American would enjoy your book if they had the chance to purchase and read it. While I like being able to find books easily in the African Americans sections of bookstores or in African American bookstores, I feel that so many other readers are being cheated of finding and easily reading terrific stories that are written by African American writers. And hopefully the Tallahassee Democrat and those who read it will be intrigued enough to purchase and read your terrific book!
I look forward to the feature as well.
congrats on your feature, barb!

i learned a long time ago to just know my targeted market, but advertise to the masses because it is easier like you said.
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I was disappointed in the article by the Tallahassee Democrat. I wish they had taken several weeks and talked about each author and their book, rather than put us all in one article.

The article was true to its name, Opening Lines. It had little information beyond the first sentence of the book. If a friend had not contacted us, we wouldn't have even known that Howard Jones' book, Elder Affairs Silenced, http://elliotfiction.com, was in the paper.
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