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Wow! I must say that I'm amazed at the response to the last blog that I posted on "Christian fiction vs. Regular fiction." As I stated before, it seems to be a very controversial topic which is evidenced by the responses that I have received. I appreciate the posted comments, the private e-mails, and the telephone calls regarding this post. I'm sure that this will continue to be a topic of debate for many years to come especially since more and more authors seem to be focusing on "Church drama stories." I'm just happy to see someone respond to something that I've written with such conviction.

While I have your ears, can someone tell me the difference between Christian fiction and Inspirational fiction. Is there a difference? Can a story be non-Christian yet be classified as inspirational?

Hi Barbara,

Yes there is a difference. When I did an issue for SORMAG on inspirational writing, I was told they were two separate genres. The inspirational writing, has an inspirational feel, but it might not be about Christians. The Inspirational book some times is not as strict with the content as a Christian book. I’ve met many writers who classify their books as Inspirational versus Christian.

A Christian book is about Christian characters and is biblical based. Most have strict guidelines. You definitely won’t find graphic love scenes in them.
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