Sunday, November 20, 2005


Why I Decided to Write and Self-Publish

I have been an avid reader all of my life. I especially love reading romance novels. I can trace my love for this genre back to being a teenager during the seventies. My mother loved to read the Harlequin Romance series, and she often bought the magazines featuring true love stories that were really popular during that time. I can remember sneaking to my room to read her books and magazines whenever I had the chance. As I became an adult, I developed a passion for reading love stories along with mysteries and an assorted variety of magazines. Most of my life has been devoted to reading at least one novel a week. So after years of reading romance novels, I was finally inspired to write one of my own. I was on Christmas break a couple years ago from the community college where I was employed as a Reading Assistant when I made a trip to my local bookstore. I wanted to read a positive love story about a long-term married couple that was going through some trials and tribulations that they would be able to overcome. To my surprise, there were very few books available that fit this criterion. In fact, there weren't many romance novels involving married couples at all. I began to really think about the type of story that I wanted to read when the idea for a romantic storyline suddenly entered my mind. I thought abut the concept for days before sharing it with my husband of twenty-four years, and his reaction alone motivated me to bring the novel to fruition. He told me and I quote, "Barbara, as much as you read, you should be able to write something." That night I prayed for guidance and the very next morning, I started writing donw all my ideas for this story which eventually became titled, "Forgive Us This Day." After going through the query process and mailing off manuscripts looking for an agent and/or a publisher, I decided that wasn't the route that I wanted to go. I didn't want to spend the next month or the next year of my life waiting for someone to give me a writing contract. Besides, I guess I could only take so much rejection for something that I was determined to do anyway. So I started searching the Internet for other authors that had traveled the self-publishing road and was surprised at who all I found. Some of my favorite authors including: Kimberla Lawson Roby, Michael Baisden, Terry McMillan, Karen E. Quinones Miller, and John Grisham just to name a few. All of their stories inspired me and gave me the extra motivation that I needed to step out on faith in their footsteps. After years of reading so many books, it seemed like a natural progression for me to become a writer. One thing is for sure, it's a decision that I'll never regret!


Your story is inspiring. Thanks for sharing it and for putting up this blog. Looking forward to your signing at Jake Gaither on November 22.

It's funny. Romances usually entail the beginning of a relationship, but not what happens after the "I do." I love that your novels deal with married people who are trying to renew the romance and love in their relationships. Forever Us This Day was terrific, but Dancing with Temptation was even better. Thanks for giving me hours of excellent reading.
Did know where else to leave a comment on your site, but thought I should let you know I stopped in your site from the SORMAG interview and enjoyed finding out more about you.

Good Luck on all your publishing endeavors!

Sylvia Hubbard

As a Christian and an avid reader, I enjoy Christian fiction. My reading is not limited to Christian fiction, but there are times when only Christian material will satisfy my reading needs. As a writer of Christian fiction, some of my readers have shared with me that Christian fiction feeds them, renews and strengthens their faith. It is my hope that some “non-Christians” will be drawn to Christian fiction and “find their way.” It is my hope that if a person sees a good story line, they will not be turned off when they discover that it is Christian fiction.

Writing is a calling. Some of us are called to write Christian fiction and some of us are not. I think a well-developed story is worth reading whether it is Christian or not.
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